Artificial Intelligence aided Design and Manufacturing

About us

The Artificial Intelligence aided Design and Manufacturing group focuses on inventing new computational tools that release the full potential of advanced manufacturing processes, such as additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing). With the immense growth of the manufacturing hardware in resolution, scale and speed, the algorithm complexity increases even more dramatically. We therefore aim at developing hardware-aware, scalable algorithms for advanced manufacturing.

Currently, we are focused on harnessing the power of AI, especially machine learning, for inventing the next-generation computational design and fabrication algorithms.


October 2023
Vahid Babaei receives the Curious Mind Award.
July 2023
Shape from Release in the news.
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February 2023
Our technology transfer project, Oraclase, based on our computational laser marking technology is awarded the EXIST Transfer of Research grant.
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January 2023
Learning Deposition Policies for Fused Multi-Material 3D Printing accepted to ICRA (International Conference on Robotics and Automation).
January 2023
Navid Ansari, our PhD student, has recieved Saarland Open Science reporters award for promoting Open Science while conducting research.
September 2022
Autoinverse: Uncertainty Aware Inversion of Neural Networks was accepted to NeurIPS 2022 and highlighted with a spotlight presentation.
August 2022
Closed-Loop Control of Direct Ink Writing via Reinforcement Learning in the news.
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